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🌡We reached our goal!!!

I want to take a minute and thank everybody who supported our weekly goal 🌡🔝 in reaching the $2500 total. Everybody who shared. Everybody who donated $$$. Everybody who called or contacted us to ask how they can help.

Most of all, the premier leadership team behind the scenes doing extra on top of there already hectic lives, words of encouragement, words of affirmation, prayer etc.

... There is encouragement and inspiration in serving tho . This saying “WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS” is no joke. There is another gear ⚙️ you get when you are serving all day everyday.

Thank you premier team, premier board, my mentors, volunteers, Family, friends and supporters!

News and greatness too come 💯💪 and thank you for believing in Premier. #GodFamilyCommunity #MentorMe

Premier intro video made by 🎥 Ark Business Creations

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